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Sodruzhestvo LLC

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Sodruzhestvo LLC

Sodruzhestvo LLC, sole importer of BUZIL in the Russian Federation

LLC Sodruzhestvo known on the Internet and social networks as - official partner and sole importer of professional cleaning products BUZIL in the Russian Federation.

The BUZIL brand begins its history back in 1907 (more than 110 years of the company's existence) and in fact it is one of the leaders on the world market of professional chemicals for cleaning and surface care.

BUZIL is widely represented in more than 35 countries around the world. LLC Sodruzhestvo offers to the management organizations, property owners, cleaning companies an effective BUZIL's modern tool kit to solve cleaning and surface care problems. The main competitive advantages of BUZIL cleaning products are their consistent quality, efficiency and its economical using.

On the market of professional chemistry in the Russian Federation BUZIL is represented by partner LLC Sodruzhestvo and it is gaining popularity, bringing undoubted benefits and comfort to cleaners and managing companies,  property owners who care of both the cleanliness and surface's safety.


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